Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Iron Man Mixtape

Excerpt taken from One of our favorite blogger reviews:

"Like its predecessor, The Transformers Mixtape, DJ Emir's new monster hit mixtape, the Iron Man Mixtape is making a huge splash in the mixtape circuit. After going all out on the previous mixtape and recieving several awards including the honor of VIP Nightclub Magazine mixtape of the year, DJ Emir simply had to go all out and try to out do his previous Nine mixtapes.

The monster mix session known as The Iron Man Mixtape is a monumental movement to bring back the true essence of real mixtapes, that is bring back mixtapes that are actually mixed. Real scratches, transforms, mixes, juggles, remixes, blends and dope overall DJ skills, yes folks, that's what real mixtapes are made of. Gun Shots, excessive yelling, lack of creativity and compiling songs just to get them out faster than the other guy... That's what fake mixtapes are made of.

Time and Time again DJ Emir manages to put out some of the best Real mixtapes we've ever heard. He mixes so fast and hard that Emir plays, as KRS One put it in his song the DJ "Only One to Two verses, just keep the party moving"

Emir's mixes are hard fast and smooth, the entire mixtape flows from one song to the next with dope transitions and even tighter remixes. How else do you fit 62 tracks on One CD?!

Some of the remixes are so much better than the original songs that they actually became our new favorite songs of the moment. For example, DJ Emir's remix of 50 Cent Get Money was straight fire especially the spots where Emir caught the accapella and cut up the track with his scratch skills. Dude seriously was killing it on that remix! Same with his crazy intro.

DJ Emir's Iron Man Mixtape is a 10 as far as DJ skill and overall entertainment go. Our advice to DJ Emir, just keep 'em coming!" - The Great Hip Hop Blog

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