Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reasons to Hire A Real DJ: Deejaying is Not A Sit Down Job

"Get off your laurels" they say in the business world when someone is being lazy or doing a half ass job. The Same goes for DJs. Deejaying is not a sit down job. Any DJ that just sits there pushing buttons rather than taking charge of the party is just plain not a Real DJ.

There are dozens of styles of DJ. Many Deejays only specialize in a few areas. Some are only good in nightclub settings, many only do mobile DJ parties like birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Some DJs don't like doing kids events while others excel at making a kids birthday a memorable one. Of course just like many of us many Deejays also have a preference for the styles of music they collect and like to play. Then there are the rare Deejays that are ultra versatile and are capable of excelling in any situation. It is these Deejays that you want to hire for your next event.

DJs come in all shapes, sizes and styles but there is no excuse for a lazy DJ. Deejaying is not a sit down job! The DJ is responsible for getting the party going. For keeping people excited, dancing grooving and always moving them with energetic mixes that bring the party to life. How can a DJ do all that if they themselves don't even look like they are into the mix? How can the DJ expect the party to be anything more than mediocre if they themselves don't become active members of the party vibe? The DJ is the glue that binds the party together. A boring DJ is the equivalent of the glue coming undone on a ship while it's at sea... If the DJ is bunk, the party is sunk.

Hiring an event DJ, a mobile DJ company or a nightclub DJ can be a daunting task. Many mobile DJs these days don't know how to mix a song or how to build excitement through their music selection and transitions. Many are using software that beat matches the music for them but without the actual experience and wisdom of a traditional DJ many of the newer generation DJs simply don't know how to rock a party and make your event an exciting and memorable one.
A nightclub DJ will be better at rocking a party and reading the crowd but without mobile DJ experience, professional DJ equipment and lighting and private event experience a nightclub DJ can also be a disastrous choice. Many nightclub Deejays don't own adequate sound and lighting equipment to do larger private events on their own. Nightclub DJs also tend to specialize in only a few genres of music and are not good candidates for varied crowds like one might find at a wedding. Lets face it most nightclub DJs are focused mainly on the 18-30 year old demographic.

My Company had to turn down One party because the Grand ballroom they were in was huge and would require us to bring additional sound and lighting equipment. They were already low balling us and the addition of more equipment made the event undoable at the low price they wanted. This would also mean pulling equipment that could otherwise go to another event with another one of our DJs, essentially taking money out of our pockets on two fronts.

I cannot fathom why countless people make the same mistake of spending entire budgets on everything but the entertainment. Do people not understand that it is ultimately the entertainment that will make or break their event? You are willing to drop $10,000 on renting a grand ballroom, a few more thousand on catering, cakes, security etc... but only willing to shell out $500 or less to fill a huge ballroom with great entertainment. In the end the statement you get what you pay for always comes into play. Even though we were contacted the week of the event, the people throwing the party refused to sign a contract and had not made a deposit. The Party was only two days away and when we met at the location we realized we would need to bring an additional 2-4 more base bin speakers to add to the 4 speaker we had brought in for the sound check. They didn't want to pay extra for the extra equipment to make the event sound great and extra people necessary to make the event run smoothly. They then used strong arm negotiation tactics trying to get my company to throw in the extra equipment plus add more lights. Basically they wanted more and wanted to pay less that they had previously offered. They then used a backfiring strong arm tactic by stating we can get this or that other nightclub DJ (whom we already knew didn't have adequate speakers for this event, since the DJ in question previously had wanted to rent our speaker for an even smaller event) In the end they came back to us after their event went sour and said "we should have gone with you, the sound system we ended up with was so much weaker and everyone complained about the DJ the whole night" - OUCH. I had a feeling that was going to be the case.

It's simple most nightclub DJs don't have the equipment to do private events, of the ones that do only a few have enough equipment to handle larger events. But more importantly many nightclub DJs lack the versatility it takes to handle a diverse crowd, unless they are constantly in front of a diverse crowd. The Techno DJs only DJ for Techno Crowds, The Hip Hop DJs only deal with the urban crowd and the Hipster DJs are used to crowds that let them do just about whatever they want.

Mobile DJs without nightclub experience on the other hand can't rock parties and while they have a large database of music often don't know how to properly transition from genre to genre without losing the crowd. There is also a huge cheesiness factor many mobile DJs bring to the events. Since they don't know how to rock the crowd they often rely on cheesy line dances and children's dance songs like the chicken dance to get the crowd involved. Real DJs don't require these crutches and will only throw the songs in if asked to do so specifically by one of the main guests of honor.

The quandary is this: Many nightclub DJs just aren't versatile enough to handle private events. And many mobile DJs just don't have what it takes to rock the crowd. It takes a special special DJ that combines the best characteristics of both styles of DJ to make an event really come to life.

Great DJs breed great events At an event at Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette Colorado before starting they told us the horror story of their previous DJs, they said the previous guy had a tendency to play a ton of SKA and punk music and the kids hated the event and barely danced. What a difference of night and Day. They were so happy when our company completely rocked the homecoming dance. The 400 kids jam packed the gymnasium and danced the entire night to top 40, Old School, Rock, Electro House, remixes Salsa and more. They were so excited to have a real Nightclub DJ rock their event and play more than just one kind of music They were so happy and thoroughly entertained throughout the entire event that the teacher in charge gave us a tip out of his own pockets.

At a wedding in Breckenridge the Mother of the bride was so delighted that she commented "Wow! You were wonderful. I never knew how hard you deejays work, you never sat down never took a break from the party." and that's the point a DJ isn't supposed to take breaks, we are there to rock your party and make it one to remember, a joyous occasion. Deejaying is not a sit down job! If you are a DJ clock in and put in your time and your effort. If you are looking at a DJ that just sits there pushing a few buttons and your party is boring, he's probably the reason why. Tell him to get up off his laurels! No self respecting DJ would be sitting comfortably while deejaying a party (except maybe while everyone is eating early at a wedding reception)

If a DJ is not constantly mixing, constantly pulling up hot songs, reading the crowd, making sure everyone is dancing and having a good time, then they just aren't doing their job. They are not real DJs and are not worthy of rehiring. The next time you are ready to do an event find out if the Deejays you are going to hire can even mix. Ask them for a sample mix, or if they have video from their past events. Ask them what kind of music they play, what kind of events they have played for and what their mix style is like. Real DJs don't fade out songs they mix them. Real DJs keep the party moving and once you experience a Real DJ you will never want to hire anything other than a Real DJ again.
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DJ Emir Santana is an extraordinary international Event, Nightclub and mixtape DJ based out of Denver CO.
Emir is tired of mixtapes that don't feature any mixing or skills, he is forever dedicated to bringing real mixing back to mixtapes. Emir's website features a robust selection of real mixtapes, DJ Services, Flyer designs and graphic design services. To Book DJ Emir or for Graphic Design Call 303-995-0875 Call to make your next event hot!

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Michael Jackson Mixtape

DJ Emir's Badder Than Bad Mixtape - The Ultimate Michael Jackson Mixtape CD

With reviews coming back from around the world the sentiments seem to be unanimous. Everyone pretty much say the same thing "DJ Emir's Michael Jackson mixtape is the best Michael Jackson mixtape ever made."

Big Rog of Pleazure Entertainment went as far as to say "I think this is DJ Emir's best mixtape yet!"

DJ KD of Phoenix and Scotsdale Arizona said "Other DJs have tried, but only you [DJ Emir] have succeeded in putting together a great Michael Jackson Mixtape. My friend had a copy down in Arizona he loves it and I really liked what you did on it as well. Your mixtape is very different, I was amazed by some of the remixes on the CD. You always do a good job."

VIP Nightclub magazine Said: "This is our favorite Michael Jackson Mixtape, purely amazing! DJ Emir has out done himself with a superb classic that solidifies Michael Jackson as the greatest entertainer that ever was and DJ Emir as the greatest mixtape DJ that ever lived."

The Article continues with

"As a Tribute to Michael Jackson DJ Emir, the King of Mixtapes transforms the incredible catalog of Michael Jackson the King of Pop with the style and flair only DJ Emir can bring into the mix, to create a mixtape masterpiece worthy of being called a Michael Jackson Tribute"

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The article continues with: "As a Tribute to Michael Jackson DJ Emir, the King of Mixtapes transforms the incredible catalog of Michael Jackson the King of Pop with the style and flair only DJ Emir can bring into the mix, to create a mixtape masterpiece worthy of being called a Michael Jackson Tribute"

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DJ Emir at Posh Nightclub Saturdays 4040 E. Evans

Take Note DJ Emir is travelling often and no Longer at Posh Nightclub to book DJ Emirand make your nightclub or private event hot call 303-995-0875

Every Saturday the party is on at Posh Nightclub 4040 E. Evans Denver CO 80222

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Iron Man Mixtape

Excerpt taken from One of our favorite blogger reviews:

"Like its predecessor, The Transformers Mixtape, DJ Emir's new monster hit mixtape, the Iron Man Mixtape is making a huge splash in the mixtape circuit. After going all out on the previous mixtape and recieving several awards including the honor of VIP Nightclub Magazine mixtape of the year, DJ Emir simply had to go all out and try to out do his previous Nine mixtapes.

The monster mix session known as The Iron Man Mixtape is a monumental movement to bring back the true essence of real mixtapes, that is bring back mixtapes that are actually mixed. Real scratches, transforms, mixes, juggles, remixes, blends and dope overall DJ skills, yes folks, that's what real mixtapes are made of. Gun Shots, excessive yelling, lack of creativity and compiling songs just to get them out faster than the other guy... That's what fake mixtapes are made of.

Time and Time again DJ Emir manages to put out some of the best Real mixtapes we've ever heard. He mixes so fast and hard that Emir plays, as KRS One put it in his song the DJ "Only One to Two verses, just keep the party moving"

Emir's mixes are hard fast and smooth, the entire mixtape flows from one song to the next with dope transitions and even tighter remixes. How else do you fit 62 tracks on One CD?!

Some of the remixes are so much better than the original songs that they actually became our new favorite songs of the moment. For example, DJ Emir's remix of 50 Cent Get Money was straight fire especially the spots where Emir caught the accapella and cut up the track with his scratch skills. Dude seriously was killing it on that remix! Same with his crazy intro.

DJ Emir's Iron Man Mixtape is a 10 as far as DJ skill and overall entertainment go. Our advice to DJ Emir, just keep 'em coming!" - The Great Hip Hop Blog

With what was said by The Great Hip Hop Spot
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Transformers Mixtape Becomes VIP Nightclub Magazine's Official 2008 Mixtape of The Year

VIP nightclub magazine named The Transformers Mixtape as their official
2008 Mixtape of The Year The mixtape which has been heard pumping out as everyones favorite heavy rotation CD for over 6 months has finally caught the Eye of the media.
In their article VIP Nightclub magazine stated:

"With the insane mixing, scratches and remixes DJ Emir threw on this mixtape, the Transformers Mixtape has dominated the nightclub mixtape circuit. It decimated the inferior mixtapes that have flooded the market and over-saturated the mixtape markets with hosts of inferior products. In a world that has become much too complacent with mediocrity, DJ Emir has elevated our expectations and brought back hope to a dying breed of mixtapes. His Transformers Mixtape truely is a masterpiece of epic proportions. We have listened to it on a constant basis at home in the office and in our rides and yet it remains our all time favorite mixtape of the year. Thus we have crowned DJ Emir's Transformers Mixtape with its most deserved title of Mixtape of The Year" - VIP Nightclub Magazine

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