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Michael Jackson Mixtape CD

Check out the ultra hot Michael Jackson Mixtape by DJ Emir. This amazing 80 minute mixtape features 52 Tracks of the hottest Michael Jackson songs, live remixes and Songs by various artists that sampled Michael Jackson songs including Tupac, MC Lyte, Jay-Z and NAS.

This unique mixtape is a an absolute must have CD for any Michael Jackson Fan and any Mixtape fan in general.

DJ Emir Michael Jackson Mixtape CD Cover
 DJ Emir Michael Jackson Mixtape CD Cover Front

DJ Emir Michael Jackson Mixtape CD Back Cover and Track Listing
DJ Emir Michael Jackson Mixtape CD Back Cover and Track Listing

Track List For The Michael Jackson Mixtape:

1. Michael Jackson - Badder Than Bad (DJ Emir Remix)
2. Felli Fel ft Sean Paul, Pitbull & Flo Rida - Feel It
3. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something
4. Busta Rhymes vs Michael Jackson - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Remix)
5. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something
6. Rihanna - Please Don't Stop The Music (Wanna Be Starting Something Remix)
7. Gwen Stephanie, Akon & Maroon 5 - Give Me A Sweet Reason To Escape
8. Michael Jackson vs Gwen Stephanie & Akon - The Way You Make Me Feel (Remix)
9. Michael Jackson - Rock With You
10. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
11. Donovan vs Michael Jackson - Mello Yellow (Billie Jean Remix)
12. Justin Timberlake vs Michael Jackson - Sexy Back (Billie Jean Remix)
13. Michael Jackson vs Flo Rida - Billie Jean Gets Low (DJEmir Remix)
14. Michael Jackson - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
15. Kanye West - Good Life (Sampled P.Y.T. Pretty Young Thing)
16. Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Remix)
17. NAS - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Sampled Human Nature)
18. Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Remix)
19. Michael Jackson vs Juelz Santana - Man In the Mirror (Whistle Song Remix)
20. Jackson 5 vs Sean Paul - I Want You Back (Buy Out Riddim Reggae Remix)
21. Jackson 5 vs Beenie Man - I Want You Back (Bookshelf Riddim Reggae Remix)
22. Jackson 5 - I Want You Back Interlude
23. Akon and T-Pain vs Jackson 5 - I Want My Bartender Back
24. Jackson 5 vs Naughty By Nature - ABC... 123... OPP
25. Jay-Z - I.Z.Z.O. (Sampled from ABC)
26. Jackson 5 - Rocking Robin
27. Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain - Blame It On the Alcohol
28. Michael Jackson - You Rock My World (DJ Emir Blame It Remix)
29. Michael Jackson - You Rock My World (DJ Emir Ballin with Paper Planes Remix)
30. Michael Jackson ft Will.I.Am - Girl Is Mine 2008 Remix
31. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (DJ Emir Remix)
32. Ron Browz ft Jim Jones & Juelz Santana - Pop Champagne (DJ Emir Remix)
33. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (DJ Emir Remix)
34. Michael Jackson & Akon - Hold My Hand
35. LL Cool J- Hey Lover (Sampled from Lady In My Life)
36. MC Lyte Ft Xscape - Keep On, Keeping On (Sampled from Liberian Girl)
37. Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl
38. 2pac - Letter to My Unborn Child (Sampled from Liberian Girl)
39. NAS ft Das EFX - Where Are They Now 90's Edition (Transition Mix)
40. Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream
41. Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine
42. Michael Jackson - Blame it On The Boogie
43. DJ Emir - Blame it On The Boogie My Baby’s Always Dancing Transition
44. The Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine DJ Emir Re-Drum Remix
45. Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Remix)
46. Michael Jackson - Black and White
47. Pitbull & Lil Jon - Krazy (DJ Emir Black & White Remix Part 1)
48. Method Man - P.L.O. Style (Badder Than Bad Remix)
49. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Original)
50. Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Til You get Enough
51. Michael Jackson - Thriller
52. Michael Jackson - Beat It

The DJ Emir Michael Jackson Mixtape has won several awards and is continuously listened to by mixtape fans around the world. Get your copy Today at: 

    Thursday, March 02, 2017

    New 2PAC Movie All Eyez On Me to Be Released On Tupac Shakur's Birthday

    New 2PAC Movie All Eyez On Me to Be Released On Tupac Shakur's Birthday June 16th. The last few years have seen a few movies about the rise and or fall of several Hip Hop legends including Biggie Smalls aka The Notiorius B.I.G. , The 50 Cent Movie Get Rich or Die Trying and Straight Out of Compton. The Fox TV show EMPIRE also mimics some of these very same struggles for power in the music industry. But now we get to see another very famous story brought to life, the life of 2Pac.

    We caught a small glimpse of the East Coast vs West Coast and Biggie Vs Tupac beef and how that all came about in NOTORIOUS the movie about Biggie. It will be interesting to see what theory they portray on the big screen surrounding the death of Tupac or whether they won't go into that part at all.

    I'm sure many 2Pac fans will want to see this movie for sure! I know we do. And when we get our advanced screening we'll let you know what we thought of the movie. I'm sure it will be intense as his life was surely full of a ton of drama and racial profiling.

    Monday, June 10, 2013

    A Denver DJ With Style

    For all DJs it takes time to develop one's proficiency and skill with various DJ equipment and the tools of the trade. Developing taste and a strong music library also take time, though admittedly these days it no longer is quite as hard to build your music collection as it used to be 10-15 years ago. But, no matter how quickly you progress as a DJ, Personal Style and Class can take much longer to develop. 

    I always put passion into everything and I always put a full effort to learning as quickly as possible and consistently practicing to become better than I already am. As a DJ I developed my own personal style through years of hard work and through the countless events and parties I have performed for. People consistently come back to me as one of the only DJs they hire because I have something unique, that they haven't ever seen in another DJ, PASSION and STYLE. The passion I have for deejaying and mixing keeps me working the whole time I'm on the turntables. My passion makes me an aggressive DJ that loves to mix and remix music on the fly. My innate style and class ensure that I do it smoothly and fluidly making every mix feel natural and logical. I put this same passion into my mixtapes as well and people constantly thank me for it.

    Fans and friends have pointed out to me that many DJs in Denver are missing that same passion for mixing and that it shows. They constantly complain to me that they don’t have fun going out anymore unless I’m on the turntables because too many DJs out there are now just very bland. Many have even insisted that I take over certain nights and certain spots but I have consistently refused on the basis that I already know these spots don’t usually pay well even though they appear to be some of the swankiest spots in Denver. I remind them there is a reason that I focus more on travel and private events lately then on deejaying in Denver Nightclubs.

    “I have to tell you, I don’t normally like DJs, I’m just never really impressed by them, but I love your mixtapes, you are a great DJ! You have really opened my eyes.” – Adam at Greenwood Plaza Apartment Complex Tech Center Denver CO.

    I'll gladly take on a few more Denver club nights so long as they come with a decent offer and a good marketing package. With a website that still receives well over 40,000 unique visitors per month 2 Facebok pages with 5000 friends and an email list of 20,000 contacts I can definitely help build up a great party night, But I'm not planning to do it all by myself. I expect the club or promoter to do their fair share of marketing and promotions as well.

    If you are willing to put the effort in to create a great night and want a Great DJ for your events and parties feel free to hit me up at 303-995-0875 to book Me (DJ Emir Santana) for your next event, party or nightclub night.

    To Book DJ Emir Call / Text 303-995-0875 or email: 

    Saturday, December 31, 2011

    DJ Emir at Crimson & Gold New Years Eve

    New Years Eve Catch DJ Emir at Crimson & Gold
    2017 S University Blvd
    Denver, CO 80210

    Near DU Campus, (9pm-2am)

    Top 40 Dance Music, Hip Hop & Reggae Music with Denver's Premier DJ
    To Book DJ Emir for your next event Call 303-995-0875 

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    DJ Emir Santana Mixtapes & Designs: A Denver DJ That Makes a Difference

    DJ Emir Santana Mixtapes & Designs: A Denver DJ That Makes a Difference

    Denver DJ Extraordinaire, DJ Emir makes a difference at every event he puts on and at every nightclub he performs at. It is not often anymore that a DJ makes such a strong impression on a crowd that they are willing to turn away from a club if they find out he's no longer there. For a crowd to ask for the DJ by name knowing that they always have a great time when he is on the turntables. DJ Emir Santana has that effect on people, his mixes are vibrant, energetic and full of excitement. While many DJs just play music, Emir brings it to life. ... read more

    Book DJ Emir Denver's Mixtape King at 303-995-0875
    Book DJ Emir for your event. 303-995-0875

    Halloween Flyer Designs

    It's that time of year again when nightclub promoters and owners start concentrating on their Halloween parties and all those devilishly sexy Halloween Flyers start popping up on the internet and on the streets of every major city. That is why we are dedicating this post to some of our favorite Sexy Halloween Flyer Designs from our own portfolio.

    To get your flyer design started today visit www.djemir.com/designservices.html to make payment and
    Email design details to:   design @ djemir.com  or  call  303-995-0875

    Flyer Designs run $150 for design and include up to Two sides
    Large format poster designs run $200 per design

    Masquerade Ball Halloween Party Flyer Design Front
    Saints And Sinners Halloween Flyer Design

    Allow our design professionals to create a stunning Halloween Flyer design for you. Call 303-995-0875 to talk to the design professionals at www.DJEMIR.com and get your Halloween Flyer design or regular flyer design started today.

    Friday, September 02, 2011

    Batman Mixtape

    Batman Mixtape : The Dark Knight Rises in This Epic Mixtape CD
    Make sure you pick up the hot new Batman Mixtape by DJ Emir. Journey with the Dark Knight of the mixtape world as he makes the transformation from Billionare Bruce Wayne to the terror of the criminal underworld... Batman, the Dark Knight. 
    This hot Batman Mixtape features Over 48 tracks of the hottest Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance music Hits and block rocking remixes mixed by world class nightclub and mixtape DJ, DJ Emir, the Dark Knight of the mixtape world. get this hot mixtape today at www.djemir.com/batman-mixtape.html 
    DJ Emir Batman Mixtape CD Front Cover Design

    DJ Emir Batman Mixtape CD Back Cover with Song List

    The Batman Mixtape by DJ Emir:
    1. DJ Emir - Batman Mixtape Intro
    2. Pitbull - Calle Ocho DJ Emir Remix
    3. Clinton Sparks ft JD & DJ Class - Favorite DJ
    4. Clinton Sparks ft Sean Paul - Favorite DJ Remix
    5. Tag Team - Whoomp There It Is BMore Remix
    6. Fat Man Scoop Serafin - It Takes BMore
    7. Lil Jon 3OH3 - Hey Put Your Drinks Up Remix
    8. Lil Jon - Shots
    9. Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
    10. Pitbull - The Future
    11. Black Eyed Peas ft Fat Man Scoop - Boom Boom Pow Remix
    12.Chelly vs Robin S. - Took The Night Show Me Love Remix
    13. Katy Perry - Hot & Cold (DJ Emir Afro-Consciousness Remix)
    14. Usher - OMG
    15. Akon - Unless We Fkn
    16. Enrique Iglesias ft Ludacris - Tonight I'm Fkin You
    17. Flo Rida - Low
    18. Ludacris - How Low Can You Go
    19. Da Shop Boyz - Party Like a Rock Star
    20. Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive (Lollipop Remix)
    21. Trey Songz ft Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up (Busta Rhymes Remix)
    22. DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (Busta Rhymes Remix)
    23. DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (Ludacris Verse)
    24. Chris Brown ft Busta Rhymes - Look At Me Now
    25. Katy Perry - E.T. (AKA Alien Sex)
    26. T.I. - Poppin Bottles
    27. Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow
    28. Jeremih ft 50 Cent - Down on Me
    29. Amy Whine House vs Dawn Penn - Rehab Remix
    30. Lloyd Banks - Beamer Benz and Bently
    31. Lil Jon - Snap Your Fingers
    32. Cali Swagg District - Teach Me how To Dougie
    33. Cali Swagg District - Teach Me How To Dougie Remix
    34. Ludacris - My Chick Bad
    35. Bruno Mars - Billionaire Remix
    36. Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement Remix
    37. Chris Brown ft Timbaland - Paper Scissor Rock
    38. Serani - No Games
    39. Future Fambo ft Beenie Man - Drinking Rum & Redbull
    40. Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up
    41. Chiddy Bang - Good Life
    42. Dr. Dre ft Snoop Dogg and Akon - Kush
    43. Ty Dolla ft Joe Moses - All Star
    44. Wisin Y Yandel - Rackata
    45. Lupe Fiasco - Superstar Reggaeton Remix
    46. Baby Bash ft E40 - Go Girl
    47. E40 50 Cent Too Short - Bitch
    48. Snoop Dogg - Boom
    49. Mann - Buzzin
    Batman Rises The Mixtape: One of the Hottest Hip Hop Mixtape Releases of 2011 featuring tons of hot Hip Hop and Reggae music, Mixed and mastered By DJ Emir.

    Be on the lookout for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, The Movie in Theaters 2012 (casting now) It'd Be nice if they cast me for the new Batman Movie as well ;)
    Get The Batman Mixtape and other hot mixtapes at www.DJEMIR.com

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    DJ Emir Gold Member Mixtape

    DJ Emir Gold Member Mixtape. Volume 11 in the Techniques Hip Hop Mixtape Series is a mixtape themed to Austin Powers Gold Member. This mixtape has over 40 tracks of hot Hip Hop music to keep your holidays pumping. Get the Gold Member Mixtape today at www.djemir.com 

    1. Lil Wayne - A Millie (Austin Powers Million Dollar Remix)
    2. Beyonce - Diva
    3. Usher - Lil Freak
    4. Khaled ft Tpain Rick Ross - All I Do Is Win
    5. Savage Ft Souljah Boy - Swing
    6. Jason Derula - Whutchu Say (Say Whut Remix)
    7. GS Boyz - Stanky Leg
    8. Lil Flip - I'm a Baller
    9. Beyonce - Video Phone
    10. Drake ft Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem - Forever Remix
    11. DJ Unk ft T-Pain and Hurricane Chris - 2 Step Remix
    12. David Banner - Shawty Say
    13. Ludacris - My Chick Bad
    14. Rihanna - Rude Boy
    15. Ray J - Sexy Can I
    16. Rihanna - Hard (Remix)
    17. Iyaz - Peplay
    18. Slim of 112 - So Fly
    19. Ward 21 ft Marshall - We Got The Flavor (wild 2 Night Riddim)
    20. Shaggy ft Olivia - Wild 2 Nite (Wild 2 Nite Riddim)
    21. Busta Rhymes - Arab Money
    22. Black Eyed Peas - Imma B
    23. Trey Songs ft Juelz Santana - Say Ahh
    24. Chiddy Bang - Opposite of adults
    25. R Kelly - Super Man High
    26. Bobby Brackens ft Ray J - 143
    27. Big Boi - Shutter Bug
    28. Beyonce - Single Ladies (Reggae Remix)
    29. Lil Jon - Outta Your Mind
    30. Snoop Dogg - Gangsta Luv
    31. The Temptations - My Girl (Remix)
    32. Jason Derulo In My Head DJ Emir Remix
    33. B.O.B - Nothing On You
    34. Beyonce & Lady Gaga - Telephone
    35. Timbaland - Morning After Dark
    36. Lady Gaga - Poker Face
    37. Kesha - Tik Tok
    38. Taio Cruz ft Ludacris - Break Your Heart
    39. Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg - California Gurls
    40. Kool & the Gang - Celebrate Good Times (Yeahoo)
    41. Flo Rida - Ayer
    42. Taio Cruz - Dynamite (Stone Bridge Remix)
    43. Pitbull - Hotel Room Service 
    Over 40 tracks of hot Hip Hop and Reggae Music on this hot Mixtape CD
    get it today at www.djemir.com or the links on the right.

    DJ Emir 18K Dancehall Mixtape

    If you love Reggae Music and Dancehall Reggae Music you need to check out the hot new 18K Dancehall Mixtape series at www.djemir.com 

    The first mixtape in the series 18K Dancehall Mixtape Volume 1 features over 60 tracks of the best Reggae and Dancehall Reggae music and remixes including a Ring The Alarm Remix and a Cecile Bam Bam Girl remix that has to be heard. Some of the best riddims of all time are featured on this incredible dancehall reggae mixtape. Make sure you pick up your copy today at www.djemir.com 

    1. Cecile Bam Bam Girl (DJ Emir Remix) Ghetto Story Riddim
    2. Cham - Ghetto Story Ghetto Story Riddim
    3. Tenor Saw vs Beyonce - Ring D Alarm (Remix)
    4. Dr. Evil - Jamaica Galore Riddim
    5. Dr. Evil - Pun Punani Galore Riddim
    6. Vybz Cartel - Willy Bounce Galore Riddim
    7. Tami Chin - Be Mine Galore Riddim
    8. Tanya Stevens - Work Dat Chiney Gal Riddim
    9. Elephant Man - New Application Chiney Gal Riddim
    10. Sizzla - Give it To Them Chiney Gal Riddim
    11. Cecile - Change Chiney Gal Riddim
    12. Beenie Man - Who Am I Playground Riddim
    13. Spragga Benz - Long Performer Playground Riddim
    14. Sean Paul - Infiltrate Playground Riddim
    15. Ward 21 ft Wayne Marshall - We Got the Flavor Wild 2 Night Riddim
    16. General Degree - Have Weh Yu Wan Wild 2 Night Riddim
    17. Macka Diamond & Blacka - Bun Him Wild 2 Night Riddim
    18. Shaggy ft Olivia - Wild 2 Night Remix Wild 2 Night Riddim
    19. Aidonia - It Tight Bee Hive Riddim
    20. Beenie Man - No, No Bee Hive Riddim
    21. Future Fambo - Walk Runway Bee Hive Riddim
    22. Lady Saw - Weh Dem Man Deh Bee Hive Riddim
    23. Baby Cham - Vitamin S. Fiesta Riddim
    24. Beenie Man ft Shawna - Dude Remix Fiesta Riddim
    25. Lady Saw - Man is Da Least of mi Problems Fiesta Riddim
    26. Shabba Ranks - Ting A Ling
    27. Elan - Red Red Wine Buy Out Riddim
    28. T.O.K. - Money To Burn Buy Out Riddim
    29. Sean Paul - like Glue Buy Out Riddim
    30. Jackson 5 - I Want You Back Buy Out Riddim
    31. Jackson 5 - I Want You Back Bookshelf Riddim
    32. Sean Paul - Deport Dem Bookshelf Riddim
    33. Frisco Kid & Mr. Easy - Bashment Time Bookshelf Riddim
    34. Mr. Vegas - Jack It Up Bookshelf Riddim
    35. Sasha - Sexy Body Bookshelf Riddim
    36. Beenie man - Bookshelf Bookshelf Riddim
    37. Tantro Metro - Say Wooee Bookshelf Riddim
    38. Munga - Dem Get Weak Duty Water Riddim
    39. QQ - Look A Work Duty Water Riddim
    40. Ladies Anthem - Where The Ladies At
    41. Beyonce - Single Ladies (Reggae Remix)
    42. Lef Side - Whoa Dem Time Deh Riddim
    43. Mavado - Weh Dem Ah Say Dem Time Deh Riddim
    44. Beenie Man - Hmm Hmm
    45. Sean Paul - Give Me the Light Buzz Riddim
    46. Shakira & Busta Rhymes - Run The Show (Remix) Buzz Riddim
    47. Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (Remix) Buzz Riddim
    48. Alison Hinds - Roll It Gal
    49. Macka Diamond - Length & Strength Bubble Up Riddim
    50. Voicemail - A Nuh Ya Fault Bubble Up Riddim
    51. Zumjay - Sticky Bubble Up Riddim
    52. Badda Flex ft Mavado - Wha Dem A Do
    53. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Dutty Remix) Smash Riddim
    54. Tony Matterhorn - Dutty Wine Smash Riddim
    55. Kat Deluna - Whine Up (Temperature Remix) Applause Riddim
    56. Sean Paul - Temperature Applause Riddim
    57. Cobra - Put It Back Applause Riddim
    58. Ms. Trinity ft E-Dee - Bongce Along In Close Riddim
    59. Busy Signal - Safe Sex Kopa Riddim
    60. Sean Paul - Straight Up Kopa Riddim
    61. Notch - VIP Kopa Riddim
    62. Kardinal Offishial ft Akon - Dangerous (Remix) Kopa Riddim
    63. Sizzla - Hot Like Fire Kopa Riddim
    64. Kevin Lyttle - After Party Kopa Riddim

    For other Mixtapes visit the Mixtape Page at www.DJEMIR.com/mixtapes.html

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Mardi Gras Party at Oasis

    Denver's Official Mardi Gras Headquarters This Year is at Oasis Nightclub 15th & Market

    Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Kick off Party and Grand opening of Tuesday nights at Oasis Nightclub 1523 Market St in LODO Denver Colorado.

    This Mardi Gras, come party with Denver's best nightclub DJs, DJ Emir & DJ Dangerous Dan Tuesday February 16th, 2010 and every Tuesday after playing today's hottest music plus hot throw back hits from the past decade. Happy Hour from 7pm -9pm Dance party fromn 9pm-2am and an after party Hookah Lounge downstairs til 4am.

    For Bottle Service reservations or more info call 303-995-0875